In the stacks: A Gorey discovery

Gorey Google DoodleHappy birthday, Edward Gorey! One of my favorite illustrators, Gorey’s weird and mysterious images have always captured my imagination. To celebrate his birthday, I decided to go on a Gorey hunt in the UMD Special Collections stacks.

I hadn’t expected to find much – Gorey doesn’t really fit into our collecting interests – but it just so happens we have a donated collection that includes a number of his books. Most of the Amphigorey books were there (omnibus editions of his works), as well as individual books like The Glorious Nosebleed and The Gilded Bat. In another section of our stacks, I found The World of Edward Gorey, which is a collection of his art, along with an interview with Gorey. I also put in a request for Elegant Enigmas: the art of Edward Gorey. I recommend the last two (or any of the Amphigorey) if you’re looking for a good overview of his work.

Elegant Enigmas also reminded me that Gorey used to decorate the mail he sent to family and friends. Apparently there’s a whole book devoted to the decorated correspondence between Gorey and his friend Peter Neumeyer.

On a side note, check out Tom Gauld’s Gorey comics – they’re great!

goreygauld1     goreygaul2


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