MLS’d and working

Whew – it’s been a long few months! Besides my normal workload, I ran a social media campaign at work commemorating the 100th anniversary of a major fire on campus (see the #fire1912 website for more), prepared a poster on my fall internship for my iSchool’s Experiential Learning Expo, and wrapped up my last few papers. I graduated from the University of Maryland on December 20th, and am now the proud owner of an MLS degree.

I currently split my time between two jobs. I work as a Special Collections Coordinator at the University of Maryland Special Collections, where I’m overhauling a few of our special projects websites, among other things. I’m also a Library Assistant at the American Institute of Physics, where I’m assisting with an upgrade to their security system. I will also be installing the exhibit I curated during my internship this past fall.


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