Spooky social media posts

Reading is scary. Courtesy of Kate Tkacik.A very spooky day to one and all. What are you doing for Halloween? I’m celebrating All Hallows Read at work. I hope you all have fun plans (or at least good candy).

Holidays are perfect for themed outreach activities and social media posts. You can share spooky books in your collection or write about ghosts who are rumored to haunt your institution.

At the University Archives, we’ve shared a series of five blog posts called “Ghostly Encounters,” written by University Archivist Anne Turkos. Each week leading up to Halloween we’ve featured a different haunted building on campus. Our readers got a bonus post about the ghost in our library (three people have supposedly seen or heard her, and no, we don’t think she’s a librarian!).

Morrill Hall, 1935

Morrill Hall in 1935. Doesn’t it just look like the setting for a horror film? Courtesy of UMD Digital Collections

Ghosts are a popular topic here, so the series was a great way to push that content out to our users. This has been one of our most successful campaigns, with record view counts on our blog and lots of comments and likes on our Facebook page. I’ve already decided that next year we need to do another campaign of some sort, maybe “Undead UMD!” In the meantime – if you’re into ghosts, check this audio out (from a paranormal investigation of our campus). And Happy Halloween!

They must have some seriously overdue books!


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