American Institute of Physics field study update

Over the past week and a half, I have begun working on the actual layout of my exhibit at the Niels Bohr Library & Archives. I have edited and finalized my captions, chosen all my photos, and selected objects to include in the cases.

Last week, my supervisor and I taped out the two cases I’ll be filling in the library. Because most of my materials are documents and photographs, I’ve decided to add several objects involved in the process of making an oral history. These include an oral historian’s tools, such as a tape recorder and a digital recorder, as well as examples of the final recordings, such as 5″ and 7″ reels, cassette tapes, and CDs. I especially like the fact that the actual tape recorder I’ve chosen is visible in several of the photographs on display – it’s a nice way of connecting different parts of the exhibit.

Today I spent most of my time measuring and cutting the mats for the photographs. Once I finish matting, all that’s left is to put the last few objects in place and mount the photographs and captions. The exhibit won’t be on display until 2013 (as a way to celebrate the 1,000th transcript uploaded to the NBLA website), so we’ll just take photos of the final layout for now.

Over the past week I have also finished writing and scheduling the related social media campaigns. Both “Voices from the Past” and “Physicists Love Libraries!” are scheduled to post through next year, and I have uploaded all the “Voices” physicists to Flickr. The initial run of “Voices” will post on Facebook every Thursday, January 2013-October 2013, and will be updated by staff as more audio clips are uploaded online.

“PLL!” is scheduled to post to Facebook every Tuesday from now through early September 2013. I’m excited to see how people will react to these campaigns, and I hope this will give NBLA some steady content to work with. They joined Twitter last week (@AIPhistory), make sure to check them out!

See more photos of my progress.


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